Tuesday, September 13, 2005

still here - I think

Life's a bit mad right now. I've got major projects happening at work, consuming time and brain space, there's a lot to do at home (I haven't done housework for way too long), there's writing to be done, and I go away again on Saturday.

But the following pleasant things have occurred:

1. The DH and I went out for afternoon tea at the local art museum on Sunday, and after we came home we went for a walk. Together. It's nice to take a little time now and then to stop and smell the roses umm... fresh air?? - together. We've had some rain, the dams are the fullest they've been in ages, spring is here and the wattles are blooming, and we were keeping an eye out, on our walk, for any sign of the orchids that come out this time of year, if there's been rain.

2. I merged two versions of chapter one together and am (almost) happy with the result. I can actually see this novel, which has had ninety gazillion versions, actually being finally finished very soon.

3. After a long day at work yesterday, I think the workshop that I'm developing to run tomorrow is getting near ready. It's a challenging topic, for a an intelligent, critical group, so I'm feeling a little nervous about it. But I think (hope!) I'm on the right track.

Once tomorrow is over, my evenings will be back to writing - although I go to Cairns on Saturday for a work conference, so I suppose I'll have to find some summer clothes and pack for that, too :-)


Lyn Cash said...

i love reading about where you live - even if it's not as pastoral as it seems in my head - lol (which it may very well be).

gee, new clothes, a trip to queensland, brilliant people with whom to spend time...sux to be you, doesn't it? (wink)

have a great trip, a safe one, and a pleasant one. looking forward to reading this manuscript!

Bron said...

Sunny Lyn - we're *definitely* pastoral! Huge several-thousand acre sheep stations all around us, nearest houses 3 kilometres away, dust roads...can't get much more 'country' than this ;-)