Friday, September 21, 2007


I've been juggling too many things lately; although my job went back to part-time, I've added some casual work and some consultancy work this month, plus I had almost a week in Canberra a week or two back, visiting my folks. It was great to have some time with them; I saw my sister and mother in August in Sydney, but I hadn't seen my Dad, or my sister's family, for months.

My niece and nephew are growing up rapidly - and wonderfully! At 16 and 13, they're young adults I'm delighted to know and spend time with. We celebrated my mother's 75th birthday while I was there, which was a heap of fun, and special to have that time with her and the family.

Then it was back home again, and back to working on all the various tasks on my To Do list. Things will quieten down after the next week or so, though, and I'll be able to have some more concentrated writing time, which I'm looking forward to. I could have done without the bad cold, and throat and sinus infection, but that's going to be better any day now, right?

And speaking of juggling - this morning I didn't do it so well. While washing up my favourite mug after breakfast, I dropped it and broke it :-( I bought a gorgeous pair of pottery mugs with matching sugar bowl and milk jug in New Zealand, back in 1980, and I've used them almost every day since. One was broken a while ago, but I glued it back together and still use it with care. However, this one now has its handle in multiple pieces, and while I can probably glue it together, I don't think I'd trust having hot tea in a mug with a dodgy handle. Here's a photo I took ages ago, before the crash:

I'm going to miss that mug - 27 years is a long relationship!

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SisterACT said...

Sorry to hear about your mug. You will just have to go back to NZ to get another one!