Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Version 2,987....

I'm supposed to be sending out my book to the two agents and two editors who have requested it. One wanted a long synopsis - but did I have a long synopsis? Nope. I can write a decent short synopsis, but the long synopsis has proved a challenge.

However, it's almost done now - only the last couple of paragraphs to do, the ones which summarise the resolution of the book and the final scene.

Yep, the final scene. The one I'm still not happy with, despite having done multiple versions of it, and having submitted the book to contests and done well. I'm not really up to version 2,987, but it feels like it. The only other scene I had this much trouble with in the book was the love scene.

I worked on the scene again last night, and I'm feeling a bit happier with the revised approach; I think it better captures the tone of the book, and will be optimistic and positive without glossing over or belittling the real challenges still ahead for the characters, and the drama they have experienced. It needs to be quite tight, word-count and pacing-wise, it needs to be realistic, but it also needs to have enough in it to assure the reader that these two people will be able to make their relationship a long and joyful one.

Last scenes in romances are definitely a challenge. Often, when reading books, I'm left with a slight sense of dissatisfaction - either it's too rushed, or not enough answered, or the character growth isn't convincing, or the scene has slipped into a standard proposal of marriage and declaration of love, while losing a sense of who the characters have been for the previous few hundred pages.

Nope, it's definitely not easy. I'm hoping to finish this one off tonight, so that I can then print off and parcel up the various packages for the people who have requested them. I'm leaving for the RWAus conference on Thursday, so I want it all sent off by then.

Of course, agonising about this scene has reminded me of a great last scene in a romance that I've read - one that was perfect, absolutely right for the characters and the story, with a wonderful twist right at the end. Which book? Kelly Hunter's Priceless. An absolute gem of a story, brilliant right the way through, and the ending is... priceless :-)

So, any recommendations of other wonderful endings??

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