Sunday, June 17, 2007

Contest success

I found out earlier in the week, but couldn't say anything until it was officially announced:

My two entries in the RWAustralia Single (Title) and Loving It contest placed second and third. The manuscripts are Dark Legacy, the loosely-linked sequel to my Golden Heart finalling book; and Shadows and Light.

Both manuscripts have been challenging to write, for various reasons, and each has had a number of versions, so I'd entered them in the contest primarily for the feedback, to see if what I'd done with each of them worked. It seems so :-)

Big congrats to Melanie Scott, who won the contest. She's also a double Golden Heart finalist, and I'm really hoping I'll be giving her a huge cheer (or two!!) and pouring champagne for her at the awards night in Dallas. Mel was one of the first people I met at the first romance writers conference I attended, and she deserves every success.

Speaking of Dallas, in three weeks exactly I'll be heading to Sydney airport to get on the plane to San Francisco, and from there to Dallas.

From winter in rural Australia to a luxury hotel in a huge, bustling hot city - it will definitely be a contrast! I am becoming quite excited, although there's a huge list of things I need to finish before I leave. I don't usually pack ages before I go away, but because I'm taking summer clothes that I'm not currently wearing in freezing winter temps, I have started piling some things on the guest bed. I may even start making a list, soon :-)


Anonymous said...

Huge congrats, Bron! Just like the Golden Heart, this is so well-deserved. :-)

"Dulcie" Anne

Bron said...

Thanks, Dulcie Anne!

I wish you were coming to Dallas !

Lyn Cash said...

congrats on the wins, bron - hopefully, they're harbingers of another biggee to come!

have fun in dallas, chick!

Stephen Powell said...

Congratulations Bronwyn. Enjoy your time as a multi media mega star.

Stephen Powell

Bron said...
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Bron said...

Thanks, Sunny-Lyn! Wish you were coming to Dallas, too!

Hello Stephen! Thanks for the congrats - I'm sure you'll hear the whoop of delight down in Melbourne if I sell the book :-) Give my love to all the family - and a special big hug for my favourite aunt.