Monday, December 05, 2005

Historical resources wiki

Today I set up a wiki - Historical Resources for Romance Writers. You can find it at:

Wikis are web tools for collaboration and resource building etc. Wikipedia is the biggest example, but there are lots of smaller ones out there. With a wiki, any one can easily and simply add and edit pages. You don't need to know fancy html or anything like that. And it's easy to search - there's a search box on every page, you just put in what you're looking for, and it will find it if it's there.

Anyway, I'm interested in wikis from a number of points of view (including work-related ones) and I thought that a wiki in which writers contribute research they've found useful for writing historical romances would be very helpful to other writers.

So, Historical Resources for Romance Writers was born today.

I haven't publicisied it much yet, but feel free to go and visit. And add some content!

(And no, I'm not actually writing an historical romance at the moment - but I have several ideas floating around for a couple, which I may write one day ;-) )

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