Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I worked out how to do pictures...

Jaffa, The Princess Dog, was looking particularly cute last night.

(If she was a heroine in one of my stories, she'd have to be a Princess. Her sister, on the other hand, would be a Bombshell heroine.)


Wil said...

Well HELLO! Very nice to hear from you again! Watched Discovery land this am also but a LOT earlier here in THE GREAT WHITE NORTH! Love th pic of the dog.....wish I slept that peacefully! Thanks for droppin in and now that I know where to find you Ill be back! Take care!

Robin and Mom said...

hi bron oriffic. mom and i were so happy to see you this morning. we love your dog picture. of course it is very joe coolish. we hope you are having a snoopa de doopa day.

THIS! Christine said...

Oooh how? LOL do you think you could host a blogging workshop? cause I can't even figure out how to use the spell check function, let alone pictures.


Bron said...

*waving to Wil and Robin and Mom!*

X, I finally worked out that blogger's image function doesn't work with Firefox - I had to use Explorer for it to work.

When you're writing your post, click on the little image icon, and it opens a box to select and upload a file. (The box doesn't come up in Firefox).

The formatting can be a little iffy - I had to cut and paste some of the html to get the pictures below each other.

Spell check?? We're supposed to spell check??

Lyn Cash said...

oh, bron, they're adorable!