Saturday, July 23, 2005

Oops - again

Oh, shirt. I'm sure I must have posted something in the 12 days since 11th July. Not that I can remember it, but then my brain does resemble sludge right now.

Sludge filled with html. At work, I've been working with 7 academics to prepare their materials for the new semester's online units, due to go live on Monday. And running workshops on how to do it to the next batch.

At home, I've been developing this website for my critique group.

I'm going to write an article for writers on developing web sites. Some day. Probably not this week, as I'm going to Canberra for work on Thursday for 6 days - extra bonus that I get to see my family. And it's only a few more weeks before I go to Melbourne for the RWAus conference.

Tomorrow I need to do some sewing for that. Maybe that will dislodge the html from my brain.

And tomorrow I'm also going to do some writing. Yes. Really.


THIS! Christine said...

Yay! Bron blogged. I've been waiting and waiting.
I guess I can't complain seeing as that website you've been working on so hard is helping to promote Moi.

You're the best Bron,
Thanks heaps


Kate R said...

About TIME. Sheesh.