Monday, June 20, 2005

Cold x 2

I've temporarily moved my laptop back out to the living room. It's been cold lately, and one of my offices at work has been without heating, and I'm coming down with a cold myself (courtesy of DH), and I'm tired of not being warm. So, yesterday when it was cold and grey and we lit the fire before lunch, I moved from the study (heated only by a fan heater) back into the cosy warmth.

The weather forecast for the next few days suggests we might have light snow - which is a rarity around here. We get maybe a couple of 'falls' a year but I can only remember a couple of times when enough stayed on the ground to make a (very small) snowman. Usually, it melts as soon as it falls. Snow weather however always feels cold, though, because the daily maximums are low and the sun doesn't come out. The majority of our winter days are dry and sunny, which is more pleasant.

The heating at the morning job still isn't back on. They were working on it this morning again, but without success. Even though I dressed warmly, I still had to wear my coat for the first hour of work today.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to find a name for the heroine in the story I dreamed up at the weekend, and I spent some of this evening going through my name lists without THE right name leaping out at me. Her hero is Ronan, her brother Dominic. I need something feminine, but not sweet or sissy. She's an historian, quietly confident, independent, socially capable but with layers few people see. I think her mother may have been French or Breton, so that might affect her name.... any suggestions???


Anonymous said...

Hi Bron, Sorry to hear that you and DH are sick, hope you are better soon. I looked these names up, see if any will help you,
Bedelia (Strenght )
Destinee ( destiny)
Eloise (smart)
Fayme ( held in high esteem)
Questa (searcher)
Raissa (rose) I like this one
Sennett ( wise one)
hope you get to feeling better
take care

Bron said...

Thanks for those suggestions, Janice! I like Raissa, too. I'll add it to my list of possibles :-)

Anonymous said...

Very Cool ;-D